Welcome to Wakabacho Wharf


Wakabacho Wharf is a private art center open for all those who “transcend”. Alongside the theatre organizing its own programs such as staging unique performances, holding international workshops, and Artist In Residence programs, the spaces are open to rent as theatre/studio spaces, or just simply your place to stay on a small trip.We await the arrival of your “boat”.

SHARE / 分かちあう

From sharing ownership to not possessing. / "共有"から"非所有"へ


Joining hands. A loosely connected community of roughly 150 members. / 最大150人規模のコミュニティのゆるやかなつながり


Tearing down walls that separates countries, generations, genres, the traditional and contemporary. / 国、世代、ジャンル、伝統と現代を隔てる壁を壊す


Within this climate of a great turn in civilization itself, I feel that there is a large quake of change approaching our Performing Arts environment as well. “Wakabacho Wharf” was founded in order to break free of our pre-assumptions on theatre and its creating process, and facilitate creation with a more liberal mind. My hope is that it becomes a place of fruitful time spent, not only for theatre artists from cities of nearby Asia, but for creators of all genres to gather and express their minds.